Sy’s Piece of Heaven is undergoing some changes in the New Year!!

We are planning a move to expand into New Jersey for numerous reasons. First we have encountered some mold issues in the main building which we have not been able to successfully eradicate. Mold can be very deadly to birds with sensitive respiratory tracts, and since we have an older population of birds we are concerned that in their geriatric years they will not have the immune strength to ward off fungal infections. With the advice of environmental experts and specialty avian veterinarians we have decided that we need to vacate the existing space for the health of the birds.

We have a space in NJ but additional construction is necessary to accommodate all of the birds in one place. We have partnered with another rescue and sanctuary who have agreed to transfer some of our existing flock to theirs. This will allow us to get the birds out of their current unhealthy situation as soon as possible and allow us time to continue the build out at the current NJ facility. Without this joint effort the birds would have been left at risk so we have elected to move forward with this plan as it is in the best interest of the birds. This provides us a cushion of time to proceed with fund raising efforts for the build out and not leave any birds’ health at risk.

The new location is better for public access and our plan for the future is to be able to invite the public in for fundraising and educational events as well as be more accessible to volunteers than the former location was.

Although we are sad to see some of our friends go they are going to exceptional places where they will have access to indoor/outdoor flights and have an even better likelihood of being adopted as the resources at these larger facilities have already placed many of the birds being transferred.

None of the parrots who have been legally or officially left to SPOH are being relocated. They will remain with us as promised so that extended family members can continue to be able to visit them and receive regular photo and verbal updates from our team.

We are committed as ever to care for unwanted parrots and those in crises. This move is allowing us to restructure and focus more of our resources on education, fundraising and placement of parrots.