A Day in the Life of the Parrot Sanctuary

Maxine2Sy’s Piece of Heaven has been serving and saving abandoned and abused birds for years now, giving them the safety, love, and medical care they so desperately need. This doesn’t happen on its own, of course. The dedication of our staff, founder, and sponsors help make daily life at Sy’s possible!

Our four full-time staff members come to the parrot sanctuary every day to care for the more than 200 birds we host. We feed and water all the birds, as well as clean their cages and replace the cage liners with fresh newspaper. We must change the eight HEPA filters that run daily, since parrots can flake off a lot of dander—and letting that float in the air could cause serious respiratory problems for the birds. We also have to change any dressings and give medications to our feathered friends with health problems and injuries.

Every day, we spend time loving all the birds. Parrots are highly intelligent and can suffer depression after abuse or neglect. They can also become terribly afraid of people. Spending time with the birds helps them overcome this and get them back to healthy, happy lives.

Once a week, our team replaces toys for all the birds. Parrots must have toys to keep their minds occupied—and many get destroyed on a regular basis. Every week our team also unloads and unpacks hundreds of pounds of food, compacts an incredible amount of trash, and does load after load of washing. We’re often picking up or dropping birds off at the vet, too—we always have half a dozen or more receiving urgent care.

All of these day-to-day and weekly tasks take enormous effort and astronomical amounts of money. Saving, providing for, and medically treating abandoned birds is far above $65,000 every single year. Since most of these birds are not adoptable, and we are a nonprofit organization, these costs add up quick. This is where help from volunteers and bird sponsors plays a daily role. Help from others is what allows us to take in new, desperate parrots every day!

Right now we are severely short on volunteer help and sponsors for birds, though. We need this extra help to continue to do our work. If you’re interested at all in volunteering, or you’d like to sponsor a bird, we’d love to hear from you. Call (908) 475-8750 for more information today!

How to Care for Your Parrot

Sys-Pee-TreeDid you know that February is National Bird-Feeding Month?  We take a lot of joy in helping out our feathered friends.  Here are some tips on caring for parrots, what they eat, how they play, and how much space they need.

Getting a pet is a big responsibility, and a parrot is even bigger than most.  For one thing the average lifespan is 50-75 years, so they will be your friend for life.  They have trouble adjusting to new people and situations, so if you think you may have to give your parrot up this isn’t the pet for you.

Their cages need cleaned every day.  This means replacing food, water, liners, and getting rid of any toys that have been chewed to shreds.  Speaking of chewing, it’s important that parrots always have a toy that they can use to keep their beaks and nails trimmed.  Stimulation is key for these birds-all they want to do is play!  So take some time out of your daily routine to interact with your pet.  You can even use this time to teach them to “talk.”

It’s important that you are able to keep up with your parrot.  Make sure you have no injuries or foot conditions that would keep you from being able to get up and care for your new best friend.  If you have any more questions about foot care (or parrot care), give Dr. Amannda Richline a call at (908) 475-8750. You can also book your appointment online.  At our Belvidere, NJ office, we want you to soar above the rest with healthy feet.