Sy’s Nutrition Tips: Best Foods to Feed Parrots

Sys-LuckyPeople love food. We serve food at parties, we go out to eat when we socialize with friends, and we even enjoy snacks during movies. We are motivated by food. Your parrot loves food, too. Just like you, your feathered friend needs the right nutrition to stay healthy. Also like you, your bird enjoys food variety—and in fact, needs it in his or her diet! So what do you feed your parrot?

The exact foods you choose for your feathered friend may vary somewhat from species to species, based on the things that type of parrot would eat in the wild. Some species eat mostly seeds and nuts, while others consume more fruits. A few kinds even eat flowers. For that reason, you may need to do some research and talk to a veterinarian about the best balance for your bird’s diet.

There are, however, a few good rules of thumb that you can use to provide good nutrition for your parrot:

  • Use a formulated food – The formulated diet packs in the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your feathered friend desperately needs.
  • Add in fresh fruits and veggies – Birds love fresh fruit, and that will add to the vitamins they need. Darker fruits like mango, papaya, and cherries have many of the vitamins parrots need but often lack. Bananas, blueberries, and cantaloupe are also good choices. Leafy, green veggies are also a must.
  • Do include seeds and nuts – Cashews, almonds, and walnuts supplement the protein your bird needs. Sprouted seeds are particularly good as well.
  • Try dehydrated fruits and veggies – These make nice treats for your bird, and can help when fresh fruit isn’t available.

Just remember to wash all fresh items thoroughly and always avoid the foods that are actually poisonous to birds, including avocado and onion. If you’re unsure, our team at the Sy’s Piece of Heaven bird sanctuary can help you figure out the best foods for your parrot.

If you’re looking into adopting a bird, or simply love parrots in general, volunteering at the sanctuary is a great way to learn more about how to properly feed and care for a feathered friend. We always need volunteers and sponsors to help care for our rescued birds. If you have any questions about parrot care, simply contact us! You can call (908) 475-8750 to reach us.