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This is Sy, a wild rescue caught from a drug raid, is the reason Sy's Piece of Heaven was started by Dr. Amannda Richline. Sy's mission is to stop any parrot owner from making a hasty decision in relinquishing his/her parrot to a "Sanctuary" that has a nice website but fails to provide heated, temperature-regulated housing. Trailers with space heaters are not acceptable. Housing outdoors is also not acceptable for fiche parakeet, cockatiels or any other species.

Running water (not from a hose) is necessary to provide daily hydration. It is also important to clean water bowls.

We provide Pellets/veggies fruit and adequate parrot sitters (steady volunteers or paid employees).

Sys is dedicated to help any parrot owner in making the decision to relinquish a parrot. We will also help financially in arranging transportation for spot visits by the owner to check on the status of their parrot.
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Donate Today!

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How It All Started

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Why Help?

Parrots are probably the most exotic of birds that are kept as pets. Birds in general are the third most popular pet in the United States following dogs and cats.

In 2012, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association 3,671,000 households had birds as pets. What is generally not realized however, that unlike cats and dogs who have considerably shorter life spans than humans, parrots can easily live as long as their care takers – and even longer.

This makes the likelihood of a bird needing to be relocated during its lifetime much higher than that of other pets.